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One of the most common questions that people ask web developers is: “How long does it take to develop and launch a website?” Of course, the answer varies quite a bit with the size and complexity of the project. In any case, it is important to follow a timeline before embarking on a project to ensure that the final results are delivered to our customers. There is a set of objectives that need to be accomplished in order to complete each stage.

A typical project timeline of tasks done before and after a website's launch is as follows:

Step 1

Planning And Discovery

The importance of this initial stage must not be underestimated, as it is the project’s foundation for success. Discovery is so important, we have made sure it's a primary component of our business development process. Without discovery, how can any agency know how long a project will take, or even more importantly, how much it will cost?

Step 2


Once the research and planning are done, the project is ready to move on to the design stage. A major part of this stage is the creation of mockups that are presented to the client for approval. The goal of this stage is to establish a look for the website that the client is happy with and to determine the functionality that the client needs.

Step 3

Content Creation And SEO

Not only is it important for a website to have appealing style and functionality, but it is crucial for it to create great content that will appeal to the intended audience and perform well on search engines. This stage can be time-consuming if it is a large site. However, the effort is well worth it.

Step 4

Development And Coding

Once the design is approved and all the content is ready to be placed, the task of building the actual website can begin. Although there is little to no involvement of the client at this stage, it still takes up a significant portion of the overall project timeline

Step 5


Once all parameters of the beta testing are fulfilled, the site is ready for its official launch. Since all the work of developing and testing is done, this major milestone should be simple and quick, taking only one day. If the website is extremely complex, involving a variety of apps and components it can take a bit longer.

You need more than just a website. You need results.


As your business grows, the content of your website will need to change. In our webflow dashboard you can create the content structure you need, add content by hand, import it from a CSV, or via the API. A content management system that works for editors, designers, and developers. Don’t lock yourself into inflexible templates, blog-centric content structures, or complex code languages. Just build the schema you need and connect it to any design you want.

Web Design

How visitors interact with your website is extremely important. These days, 10% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. That number is expected to grow to over 20% in just a few years. Our designers incorporate modern responsive design techniques to ensure potential customers receive a great user experience no matter what size screen they have.

Web Development

After completing the discovery and strategy phases, it’s time to design the website in ways that will make it visually appealing to your target audience groups and make use of various multimedia elements for optimum interaction. During this phase we will create the design using color, layout and font styles; develop a welcoming homepage and determine main section pages as well as identify subsection pages and overall site navigation menus.

Competitive Pricing - Affordable Design

Our primary goal is to create affordable websites for small and medium sized businesses and organizations. We have annual and monthly pricing options that will fit anyone's budget. We can create your entire business image - from logo, to business cards, brochures, flyers, HTML newsletters and web sites (and anything else in between). No matter what your business is - we can help!

Exepta Web Design specializes in E-Commerce Solutions, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Webmaster, Email Hosting, Government Solutions, Small Business Solutions, Internet Advertising, Graphic Design, Business Media Communications, Web Marketing, and Non-Profit Organizations.


Our responsive website design is tailored to your company and your branding. Responsive websites eliminate the need for a mobile website, as they will respond to any device and display accordingly. We excel at making clean websites and we take pride in creating a look and feel for your online presence. Having a responsive website is an important part of your internet success.


There are no confusing web interfaces to learn. We have an easy Content Management System (CMS) that is simple to use. After your website is developed, we are still there for you. We support our clients year-roundOur services range from custom web design to responsive website development to full online marketing campaigns that drive traffic and sales for our clients. By combining our expertise in web design and marketing we create websites and marketing campaigns to set you apart from your competition.

Contact Exepta Web Design today to get started! All our websites are content driven based on your brand and marketing goals. You can count on Exepta Web Design to develop and design your new dynamic mobile friendly responsive website.

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